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W&L Law’s Margaret Hu Wins Young Scholar’s Award at Privacy Conference

Prof. Margaret Hu

Washington and Lee law professor Margaret Hu received the Young Scholar’s Award for her paper “Big Data Blacklisting,” which examines government use of database screening.

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W&L Law’s David Baluarte Joins Advisory Council of Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

Prof. David Baluarte

Washington and Lee law professor David Baluarte has been named to the advisory council of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an integrated, human rights based response to the injustice of statelessness and exclusion.

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W&L Law’s Danforth Weighs in on Sweet Briar Case

Prof. Robert Danforth

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Virginia breathed new life into the fight to keep Sweet Briar College open. W&L law professor Robert Danforth co-authored an amicus brief in the case.

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Silliman: Project-Based Learning

by Mary Elizabeth Silliman "College is no longer about acquiring knowledge, but rather about knowing when, why, and how to use it," said the provost of Washington and Lee University in his lecture about the ever changing system of higher education. Daniel A. Wubah makes a great point; back when finding information was labor intensive […]

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New Study by W&L’s Susan Franck Examines Diversity in Legal Profession at International Level

Prof. Susan Franck

A new article by Washington and Lee University Law Professor Susan D. Franck is tackling some of the most topical issues in international arbitration and the legal profession in general.

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Von Hassell: How Not to Graduate College in Three Years

by Christian von Hassell I am someone who gets anxious in the classroom. So, last summer, just before I started my junior year at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, I decided that this year would be my last. After a very, very busy year, I have slowly come to realize how incredibly ill-suited […]

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Granirer: Diversifying Admissions

by Jonathan Granirer The collegiate admissions process has been receiving much attention in recent years, and despite many attempted reforms, one of the most glaring issues has remained largely untouched -the fact that socioeconomic diversity remains unchanged at many top institutions. The rich greatly outnumber the poor at highly-selective universities, and this is antithesis to the […]

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Musgrave: The Rule of Three

by Monica Musgrave It’s no secret that college is expensive. It’s also no secret that progress towards cheaper education is slow. However, the solution might lie in something a bit unconventional: three-year degrees. With the option of three-year degrees, the obvious benefit goes toward the families and students now only having to pay three years’ […]

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Bearden: Why State Schools Should Offer Three-Year Programs

by Caroline Bearden When a person thinks of college, they imagine the best four years of their life, the years where they learned about what interested them and their social life was more than fulfilling. But what if those four years could be three years, saving families money and allowing a student to jump into the […]

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Price: Reaching Out to Low-Income Families Before The Application Process

by Hayley Price The question of how to increase economic diversity in schools circles the minds of numerous politicians, educators and admissions officers today. Low-income students stand behind high-income students when it comes to the types of schools they attend. People apply to college in hopes of social mobility and advantages in their future, but […]

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