Map It! Google Updates Its Lexington Views

If you haven't scrutinized Lexington on Google Maps in a while, you might want to take a new look.

Sometime in the past couple of months, Google has updated the Lexington and Washington and Lee maps. For a very long time, the Google map was so out of date that it showed a construction site where Wilson Hall sits (um, it opened in 2006) and the crumbling facade of Wilson Stadium (the remodeled facility opened in 2008).

Not only has Google updated the overhead image of W&L, but it also has now made available the street views for much of Lexington and a good portion of the county, too. The Google map car was roaming the streets this past summer, so the images are new.

Now, from the comfort of your computer, you can cruise the wrong way down Lexington's Main Street or check out where you lived (or live) on or off campus. If you work it just right, you can even pick out Leaf, the golden retriever who is a fixture outside Henry Simpson's antique store on Washington Street.

Here are a few of the images we pulled directly from the new Google map.

Aerial view of W&L on Google Maps

New Google Map view of the campus.

Google Map 1

Looking south on Jefferson Street between Red Square and the Memorial Arch.

Google Map 2

Looking north on Main Street in Lexington.

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