Gittin’ Through with Roy Matthews '54

Washington and Lee University Alumnus Roy Matthews recent book "Gittin' Through"

Washington and Lee University Alumnus Roy Matthews' recent book "Gittin' Through"

Roy T. Matthews, emeritus professor of history at Michigan State University and a member of the Class of 1954, is the author of a new book, Gittin’ Through.

Published by Trafford Publishing, Gittin’ Through is subtitled A Southern Town During World War II. The book follows three generations whose lives were changed by the war: “The oldest generation, who had kicked up their heels in the Jazz Age and suffered through the Great Depression, adjusted to rationing and worried if their children would be sent to war. The youngest generation endured the traumas of adolescence while trying to sort out what the war meant to them. The middle generation anguished over their fate, left Madison to serve their country or remained on the home front.”

Roy, who grew up in Franklin, Va., is co-author of The Western Humanities, an award-winning, two-volume textbook. In 2002, Roy was one of 26 educators from around Michigan and the nation who won the Crystal Apple Awards sponsored by the Michigan State College of Education and the Richard Lee Featherstone Society.

Read more about Gittin’ Through at the publisher’s website.

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